5. Assuming That They Will Not Struggle to Give Their Products Away for Free

Many people are so confident about their own products and services that they are blind to just how hard it is to market your products. If you are one of those people then you should load your car with samples and visit ten establishments.

Try to sell them the idea of selling your products on sale or return. That means that they do not have to pay for your product unless it sells. They have no obligation to purchase otherwise. Tell them that if they do not sell the stock within six months that you will collect the stock and there will be no charge at all. Once you have given this offer to ten establishments, come back and continue reading this article. Unless you are the world’s best sales person, your trip to ten establishments will have given you a rude awakening. All ten will have shown you resistance to selling your items, even when they have to pay no money in order to make a profit on them.

You are going to struggle to market and sell your products until people are coming to you. If you have to go to the customer (visits, phone calls, emails) then you are going to struggle. When the day comes that people are seeking you out, your job will get easier. Until that time you will meet with nothing but stubborn resistance whilst trying to sell your products.