15 Creative Ways for College Students to Make Money Online ...


Learning ways for college students to make money online is a real lifesaver when you're in school!

Between class and homework, it's difficult for college students to find the time to work a regular job.

This is why the Internet is a great tool to not only make some money on the side, but also to help progress your career!

So whether you're a college student yourself, or someone who knows one, here are 7 ways for college students to make money online to help get you started!

1. Start a YouTube Channel

Especially if you are a communications or film student, making a YouTube channel is one of the best ways for college students to make money online while also helping to build a portfolio!

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of people on YouTube who actually make enough money to live off of!

Plan out a channel idea, start making videos, and then partner with YouTube.

Once you do this, advertisements will begin running on your videos and the more views you get, the more money you will make!

2. Sell Stock Photography

Selling stock photography is the perfect way for a photography student (or anyone else who loves taking pictures) to make some extra cash!

Once again, you can use your work to help build your portfolio as well as make money, so it's a win-win!

Several websites (such as istockphoto.com) pay you money every time someone downloads your photograph to use in an ad, article or brochure.

Just keep in mind that if you offer pictures of people, you have to get signed release forms.

3. Write an EBook

Writing an eBook in your free time is a great way to earn money on the side or even help you start up a freelance writing career!

The best selling eBooks are "How to" guides, so if you know how to do something that others may be interested in learning, write about it!

But if you're more of the creative type, then write a fiction novel.

Who knows, maybe you'll get discovered!

When you're ready to publish, go to Amazon, LuLu, or Clickbank to sell your eBook to others.

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