13 Wonderful Financial πŸ’΅ Resolutions for 2017 and beyond ➿ ...


When you make resolutions for the New Year, you have good intentions of sticking to them.

It's more likely that they won't last long!

But when it comes to your finances, it's worth making some long-lasting resolutions that will stand you in good stead.

Here are some financial resolutions that you should make and keep throughout your life …

1. Set a Budget

How can you be resolute about money if you don't know how much you spend?

Set a budget based on your incomings and outgoings and stick to it.

Use a spreadsheet or an app (there are so many)

2. Pay Bills on Time

One resolution that you should make is to always pay your bills on time.

Being a persistently late payer could be expensive.

You may have to pay a penalty charge, which will add up over time.

If you pay your rent or mortgage late that could affect your credit rating.

Make sure that you've put money aside for bills before making any frivolous purchases.

3. Avoid Debt

There may be times when taking on debt is unavoidable.

You may need a car to get to work, and it's rare for someone to pay for a house in cash.

But in general avoid taking on debts whenever possible.

Live within your means.

Buying things on credit that they don't need has got many people into a financial pickle.

4. Boost Your Savings

One resolution you should definitely make is to set up a regular savings plan if you don't already have one.

Think of it as a payment to yourself and an investment for the future.

Then put as much money as you can into your savings.

This is wise for many reasons;

it will help protect you against job loss, and mean that you have funds for an emergency or for anything you really want to buy.

Think before Spending
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