Brilliant Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online 💻 for Girls Who Need Extra Cash Fast 💰 ...


I’ve been making money by selling my stuff online for a number of years now. It’s an easy and fast way to make a little extra cash and clear out things you don’t need or want! However, getting started can be a process, especially if you’re new to the online selling game. Here are some very insightful tips I’ve learned along the way. I hope these tips help you and get you started to a successful “business” of selling your unnecessary items!

1. Don’t Try to Sell Junk or Cheap, Broken, Dirty Items

No one is going to pay you for items that have pieces missing, don’t work right, or have stains, tears, etc. so don’t waste your time trying to sell board games with half the pieces gone or faded old t-shirts. Instead, focus on items that are in good condition, in popular demand, expensive things that you can sell at a slightly lower price than retail, or hard-to-find items. The one exception to this rule is if you have something of some value that just needs TLC, then you can include that in the description and offer a hard to refuse price!

Make Sure You Take Multiple Good Quality Photos to Include in Your Description