How to Earn Extra Cash to Pay off Your Holiday Splurges ...

The holidays are behind us and youโ€™re probably starting to get your credit card bills and along with them the massive regret that you spent too much money.

Well, thereโ€™s not a lot you can do about it now.

The thing to do is figure out how youโ€™re going to pay for all that stuff you bought for your loved ones and yourself.

Try one of these tricks to raise that extra cash and then resolve to not go crazy next year.

1. Sell Some Stuff on EBay or Craigslist

You just got a ton of new gifts and chances are if you take a hard look at what you already have, youโ€™ll find some stuff you donโ€™t need anymore.

If itโ€™s worth something, you can raise extra dough by selling it online.

You might be surprised at the value of things you have that you donโ€™t want or donโ€™t use anymore.

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