How to Handle a Second Interview ...


The second interview is usually the final hurdle to landing the job.

You know you impressed the first time around because youโ€™ve been asked back.2

You might be seeing the same hirer again or it might be a new set of interviewers.

Whatever the case, donโ€™t go into it blithely thinking that what was good for the first interview will be good enough for the second.

Now is the time to bring your A+ game.

Here are some industry insider tips for how to ace a second interview.

1. Focus on the Details

The key on how to have a successful second interview is to focus on the more minute details of the job in question and of yourself.

All the basics and broad topics will have been covered in the first interview, and the purpose of a call back is for employers to really get down to the nitty gritty of how they think you will fare in their work environment.

Give them information that they do not already know;

keep them interested.

2. If You Have a Different Interviewer

You may find that your are greeted by a different interviewer than your first experience, so make sure not to keep harping back to events of the first interview because it will only serve to detach the current interviewer from the overall impression of you.

However, at the same time, it might be a good idea to briefly mention something that happened in your first interview so as to let this current interviewer know that you were able to build something of a rapport and connection in a brief period.2

3. Be Prepared for a Different Format

It is very unlikely that your second interview will be a carbon copy of your first, so be prepared to handle anything that is thrown your way.

It may be a group exercise, a problem solving task or even just a much more detailed and intrusive question and answer session.

Just donโ€™t go in thinking that you can rest easy because youโ€™ve already been through one round.

Be Proactive and Engaged
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