How to Make Peace with the Mean Girls in Your Workplace ...


Mean girls in the workplace can make you hate going to work.2

They make you feel bad about yourself, cast you in a bad light and steal the credit whenever they can.

But there are some things you can do to make peace with them.

You deserve to do your job without the shadow of mean girls hanging over you.

1. Realize Their Behavior Says Nothing about You and Everything about Them

When you encounter mean girls in the workplace and they treat you unkindly, realize their behavior says nothing about you and everything about them.

It isn’t you or anything you’ve done.

It’s their personal insecurities and jealousies showing.

Not taking it personally is a good first step.

It can help you to view them differently and not respond emotionally to their actions.

2. Expose Them

There are times when it’s good to expose a mean girl.

However, it isn’t always easy to do.

You want to be careful not to look like you’re telling tales while you’re doing so.

Only choose this option if you have hard proof that they’ve treated you poorly.

It’s always a good thing to speak up if they take the credit for your work, though.2

3. Get Some Distance between You

Distance can be a good thing.

Many times getting some distance between yourself and the mean girls in your workplace helps.

Maybe you can switch to a different department, eat lunch at a different location or just give them the cold shoulder to get the message across.

Many times mean girls will back off when they’re being snubbed because it throws them off balance.2

They’re not used to being treated that way and it can be a reality check.

4. Go on with Your (Work) Life

Don’t let them slow you down!

Continue to set goals for yourself at work and then do your best to reach them.

Don’t show that they’re bothering you.2

Your success at work will be very sweet revenge, indeed.

There’s also a lot of wisdom in letting time expose people for what they are.

Have Good Balance in Your Life
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