How to Pick the Best Car for a Student ...

Students are not particularly known for their vast amounts of cash, which can be a problem if they really need a car to get around. And unfortunately, cheap cars usually translate into old rattle traps. So in many cases when the price doesn’t let you down, the car probably will. But there are some brilliant buys out there that will suit the tight budget of a student, but also be reliable not leaving you stranded at 2am on your way back from the, er library. Here are a few ways for students choose the best car for their pocket and their needs.

1. Insurance for Your Car

When shopping around for a car, a student needs to take great care to include essential extras like car insurance when preparing their budget. The actual cost of the car itself is not where the monthly payments end; it’s just part of the overall cost for a car. Shop around for a better deal on the Internet and don’t just sign up with the first insurance package you come across.