9 Inexpensive Ways to Beautify Yourself ...


Inexpensive ways to beautify yourself are nice to know if you like to use drug store products or don’t want to spend a ton of money on your personal care routine.

Saving money is something that’s always on my mind and I strive to be frugal in every aspect of life.

I’ve searched high and low, and collected 9 of the very best and inexpensive ways to beautify yourself and wow everyone around you!

Your friends will all wonder what your secrets are!

1. At Home Facial

One of the best ways to beautify yourself is by giving yourself a facial at home!

Forget paying salon prices, all you need is a mask of your choice from the drugstore.

Choose according to your skin type.

While in the shower, apply the mask to your face while you wash your hair and shave.

It won’t dry all the way, but the steam from the shower will help penetrate your pores for a deep clean!

2. Inexpensive Body Scrub

Newsflash: you don’t need a separate body scrub for every part of your body! One scrub will suffice for everything, and it can be found in your kitchen! The recipe is two parts sugar, one part sea salt, one part honey, one part olive oil, and a drop of lemon juice. Apply over your body in circular motions, and rinse off for baby smooth skin!

3. Refresh Your Makeup

No need to remove your makeup and reapply for the evening!

Simply mist your face with a spray bottle of toner and lightly pat dry.2

Now, refresh key places, like blush, concealer, or eyeliner.

Pat your face with powder, and viola!

Your face is brand new, and you didn’t have to start from scratch.

4. Stretching Your Foundation

In the summer time, most girls don’t need or want to wear a heavy foundation.

But that doesn’t mean you need to rush out and spend a load of money on a tinted moisturizer!

Just mix a few drops of your regular foundation with a pump of your daily moisturizer.2

Now you have saved yourself a little money, and still have the product you need!

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