7 Most Reliable Websites to Buy from ...


There are so many reliable websites to buy from that give you good deals on normally overpriced items.

I wouldn’t suggest buying just anything online but there are some things that would be all right to purchase, as long as you find reliable websites to buy from.

When you shop in stores, there is a guaranteed price on items until they finally go on sale, but by then they may no longer have the color or style you wanted.

Online you can find endless listings for items like phone cases and designer bags.

1. Ebay

eBay is a well-known website that uses the bid technique so that buyers can potentially get a bargain for normally expensive items.

They also use the buy now technique, which allows sellers to make a profit selling an item for the price they want for it.2

I buy phone and tablet cases all the time from eBay (yes, I have quite a few), and have always gotten them.

I have also sold a few things on there and received the money in my PayPal account as soon as the item's listing time was over.

I’m sure there are some scammers on there, but eBay is one of the most reliable websites to buy from, providing ratings out of 100% for all users, as well as tips on how to notice when someone is running a scam.

2. Amazon

Amazon is very similar to eBay, a little more popular, and also a little more expensive.2

You can find good deals on there, but you really have to look for them.

Amazon does have cool features though, like showing you the lowest and highest prices on an item you’re interested in.

This eliminates that extra search time trying to make sure you have found the lowest price on that cool phone case you want.

Another cool thing about Amazon is that they have a credit card.

When you sign up and get approved a $30 gift card will be credited to your account to use that day.

They offer rewards points on things like gas and other Visa purchases like a regular credit card would.

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