7 Reasons Why Some Renters Are Happier than Homeowners ...


There are many reasons why renters are happier then homeowners. Of course, this does not apply to all renters. Homeownership is the American dream, and many people hope to achieve this goal. Renters stuck living in another person's property may feel that homeowners enjoy the ultimate freedom. However, here are seven reasons why renters are happier than homeowners.

1. They Didn't Empty Their Savings to Buy a House

The fact that they didn't wipe out their savings to acquire a home is one of the reasons why renters are happier than homeowners. Buying a house is expensive. You have to pay at least 3.5% down, plus 2% to 5% for closing costs. For renters, there's only the expense of a security deposit and the rental application. Therefore, they can find a suitable house for their family and maintain their cash reserves.

They Don’t Have a Mortgage Hanging over Their Head