8 Rights You Have in the Workplace ...


Employee rights are certainly an important part of your job!

They should be taken seriously!

Do you know your workplace rights?

It’s not something we give much thought to as we turn up to work each day.2

We may have cast over the paragraph entitled "employee rights "when we signed our contract, but we rarely give them a second thought, until the event of us actually needing to know where we stand when faced with an issue.

The rights you have in the workplace, however, aren’t just there for times when you are at the wrong end of the employer’s stick.

Those rights also provide protection in your day-to-day employment, governing how you should be treated and what you are entitled to as an employee.

Here’s a rundown of your more basic rights as an employee.

1. Employers Promises

Employers must stick to the promises made in their handbooks!

If you come across something in your workplace handbook and don’t feel as if that promise is being kept, you may have more rights as an employee than you think.

These handbooks are often legally binding.

It may not be the case in all situations, but the courts could be behind you on this one.3

The wording of the promises is very important;

β€˜will’ or β€˜shall’ are far more binding than β€˜may’ or β€˜can.’2

2. Working off the Clock is Illegal

By law, you are not allowed to be asked, be expected to, or even volunteer to work off the clock for your employer.

No matter what the circumstance, you cannot offer to work unpaid or be forced to do it.

It is against your employee rights.

You must be paid for all of the work you undertake, and you cannot accept compensatory time in lieu of overtime payment if you are non-exempt.

You Must Be Paid for All Work
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