7 Salon Beauty Treatments You Can do at Home to save Money ...

There are several beauty treatments you can do at home to save money without sacrificing your beauty! Keeping a budget intact is important for the average girl these days, so here are my top picks for salon treatments you can totally DIY and still look as fresh as the salon would have you looking! We all love a little pampering, so if you have the extra money to splurge on salon visits occasionally, then go for it! But on an everyday basis, here are some beauty treatments you can do at home instead of at the salon!

1. Facials

One of the beauty treatments you can do at home is a facial! Facials are really easy to do yourself, and they don’t cost too much either. I like to keep several different types of masks on hand, and use at least one of them once a week. Clay masks, moisturizing masks, anti-acne masks, and skin brightening masks are a few of my faves to have around!