7 Situations when You Shouldn't Lend Money ...


There are many situations when you shouldn't lend money.

Money often causes problems between friends and family members.

You might think that people will prioritise repaying a loan when they've borrowed from friends or family.

Unfortunately, the reverse is often true, and they think they can pay back the money when it suits them - which may be never.

Here are some of the circumstances when you shouldn't lend money …

1. You Can't Afford to Lose It

One example of when you shouldn't lend money is if you can't afford to lose it.

Even if people have every intention of paying you back, their finances may worsen and leave them unable to repay the loan.

It's often said that you should only lend money if you're prepared to lose it.

That doesn't say much for the trustworthiness of some people, but it's sensible.

Constantly Rescuing Someone
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