7 Smart Ways to save Money on Beauty and Still Look Gorgeous ...


We’re all looking for creative ways to save money, from extreme couponing to cutting back on shoe expenditures (gasp!) … but are there ways to save money on beauty and still look gorgeous?2

Of course there are, and I can tell you how!

So put down your coupon scissors, and keep reading.

Here are 7 smart ways to save money on beauty without sacrificing style, sweetie!

1. DIY

From face masks to hair treatments, there are dozens of beauty care items you can make at home with items you already have in your own pantry or fridge… oats, honey, avocado, eggs… so many of these can be used to make your own treatments, why spend your hard-earned cash on store-bought ones?2

One of the best ways to save money is to re-purpose stuff you already have, right?

2. Join a Loyalty Program

All of my favorite beauty shops have customer loyalty and rewards programs, and every year, I earn all kinds of free treats.

Sign up with Sephora and Ulta, for starters, then add your other favorites as you shop with them.

This is a great way to save money!

3. Wait for Sales, then Stock up

It always seems like as soon as I buy something I need, it goes on sale.


If you can, wait til the items you use go on sale, then stock up on them, so when you run out of your favorite moisturizer, you don’t have to pay full price because you’re desperate for it… you have time to find another sale before you use your extra!

4. Shop around

Just like different shoe stores have different price points, so do beauty brands and stores.

Shop around until you find a brand, and a store, that has the items you want and need in a price bracket you like;

what an easy way to save money!

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