These Are the Signs You Need a Career Break ...


Itโ€™s a big decision to take a career break.

In times when the employment market is fiercely competitive, giving up your job may seem suicidal.

This keeps people in jobs that they donโ€™t enjoy, doing the same things day in day out, just being disconsolate and building up fatigue.

It can feel life has come to a halt.

So what are the signs you should be on the watch for that will help you decided to take a career break.

1. It Feels like a Mistake

One of the key signs you should take a career break is if your entire job starts to feel like you made a big mistake.

It might not necessarily be the line of employment that is the problem, but more that fact that your brain wants a little time to recharge in order for you to do your very best.

You Are Procrastinating
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