7 Things You Can Buy at the Dollar Store ...

There are tons of great things you can buy at the dollar store. Sure, thereโ€™s loads of junk there too, but you can also save some dollars by stocking up on good stuff. Many times, the dollar stores get last yearโ€™s cast offs from places like Target, so you can find great products for just a buck. Iโ€™ve bought Hanes sweatshirts and Crayola products at my nearest dollar store. So check out these cool things you can buy at the dollar store and get ready for a fatter wallet.

1. Craft Supplies

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Whether youโ€™re a teacher or a parent, there are lots of craft things you can buy at the dollar store. Jumbo packages of crayons, huge booklets of stickers, construction paper, manuscript paper, rubber bands, stamps, ink pads, mosaic kits, yarn sets, marbles, glitter and craft puffballs are just a few of the great items Iโ€™ve found. My kids love to do craft projects, so I can really save a bundle by buying supplies at the dollar store instead of the craft or fabric store.

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