10 Wonderful Ways 🤗 to Be Happy 😃 Even when You're Broke AF 💸 ...


Financial struggles are difficult, to say the least.

The stress of it can mount up and seem to spill into every area of your life.

But it’s still possible to be happy even when you’re broke.

These’re some tips to help you keep your smile ☺no matter what your bank account has in it!

1. Consider All You Have Going for You

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While money can be very helpful in giving you security and peace of mind, it’s not the be all and end all.2

The old saying about counting what you have that money can’t buy is a wise piece of advice.

What riches do you have that have nothing to do with money?

Maybe your health is good, you’re happy at the place you are at in your life or you’re in a great relationship.2

All of those are things that money can’t buy.

2. Get Creative when It Comes to Fun and Outings

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I think one of the most difficult things when you’re strapped for cash is affording entertainment.2

If you’ve ever been in the spot where a movie ticket was a splurge then you know what I’m talking about.

While it’s difficult to have fun when you’re broke, it’s still possible.

You just have to get creative.

Check out a library for free book and movie rentals or play cards or board games for fun.2

3. Be Frugal and Fashionable

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And don’t you hate it when finances cramp your style?

Of course you do!

While it’s important to learn to be frugal in every area when things are tight, it’s especially important when it comes to fashion because your clothes budget always seems to take the biggest hit.

Figure out how to shop thrift stores and trade and swap with your friends.

Who knows?

You may just become the trendsetter in your group!

Remember Many Situations Are Temporary
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