Phenomenal 🌟 Ways to Feel More Confident 😁 at Work πŸ—‚ ...


Finding ways to feel more confident at work is important for any working girl. Are you someone who feels insecure in your working environment? Perhaps you have just changed careers and are finding it hard to adapt when surrounded by new colleagues and unfamiliar surroundings? Don’t beat yourself up about these feelings. They are incredibly common and you are most definitely not alone in your lack of workplace confidence.

Recent surveys have shown that more than half of the world’s working people suffer from professional insecurities for at least one sustained period in their careers, so it’s all about how you confront these issues to come out on the other side a happier person and more content with your job. Here a few ways to feel more confident at work.

1. Keep Track of Achievements

One of the best ways to feel more confident at work is to keep track of all the good things you've done. Lots of people’s jobs involve completing many tasks and solving many problems in a single day. Make sure that you keep track of all the things that you are doing well, so that when the time comes when you make a mistake, you can look back at all of your previous wins. This will help you realise that just because the mistakes feel twenty times worse than the wins feel good, it doesn’t mean that they are occurring more frequently. It’s human nature to always remember the bad things more clearly, so don’t let your brain fool you into thinking you are a bad employee.

Take Initiative
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