7 Ways to save Money in Starbucks ...


How to save money in Starbucks is something that you need to know!

If youโ€™re like me, and close to joining Coffee Anonymous, then you probably fork out a huge chunk of cash when it comes to Starbucks!

Well, never fear!

Over the years Iโ€™ve picked up several handy tips for saving money in Starbucks!2

They are quite useful, and yes, these tips will save money in Starbucks-money you might not have even realized you were spending!

Over time, $1 here and $.60 there will add up.

Take my advice and learn 7 ways to save money in Starbucks!

1. Bring Your Own Cup

Did you know that Starbucks will knock off ten cents of your total price if you bring your own cup with you?

Any cup will do, but I personally love the Starbucks mugs they sell.2

They are a bit pricey, but they last forever and they are dishwasher safe, plus insulated to keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold.

You wonโ€™t regret this investment if you drink coffee often enough.

2. Get a Starbucks Card

One of my favorite tips for saving money in Starbucks is to get a Starbucks card!

Itโ€™s free, and only takes seconds to register it online.

After you register, you will get tons of benefits including regular free drinks, free shots of syrups and milk, and several other to-good-to-pass-up offers.

Ask a barista about it the next time you go into Starbucks!

3. Split a Venti

Hereโ€™s a great way to save money in Starbucks and still get exactly what you want.

Next time you hit up Starbucks with your friend, order a venti.

Then, ask for an extra cup and split the venti with your friend!

Starbucks wonโ€™t charge for an extra cup, and by doing this you essentially get a grande sized beverage of your choice for about 1.50 cheaper!

Order Light Ice
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