7. “I’m Not Rich Enough to Buy Cheap Things.”

This famous proverb might not sound like the most budget-friendly tip in the book but it really is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When you’re buying a fragrance –buy a perfume, not Eau de Toilette (or a knock-off), when buying makeup, focus on the brands that, although a bit pricier, do your skin well and when buying clothes learn to separate classic, versatile pieces you’ll wear for years from trendy garments you’ve seen in a magazine. Every designer item has its budget-friendly alternative – that’s for sure. But every budget-friendly alternative has its cheap, rock-bottom priced version as well and it’s your job to determine whether the product in question is worth replacing as well as the point in which smart economizing starts turning into wasting money.

I hope your shopping will be much better now that you know these 7 cool tips to save money – I know mine always is! Do you have some of your own, “patented” tips to save money to share with me today?

Top Photo Credit: otvetin.ru