A College Student's πŸ€“ Guide πŸ“– to Credit πŸ“ˆ ...


College is the time when you are supposed to mature and move closer to being an adult. Part of being a responsible adult is learning how to handle money. Money is a big part of life. Without it you can be broken down, ugly, poor, trod upon and disrespected. With money you can be on top, beautiful, rich, powerful and respected. Part of learning how to deal with money comes from learning how to deal with your credit. If you learn how to handle your credit now then you will have a far brighter future. Here is your guide to credit:

1. What is Credit?

Credit is a magical thing that says, β€œLive like a rich person now, there are no consequences.” What it is actually saying is, β€œif you are a burk with your money, then credit is going to put you in debt for life”. If you are not yet accustomed to debt, then take 10% of your wages or allowance and give it to a homeless person every month. Debt money is simply money that you never see again.

Don’t Be Careful, Be Smart