A Girl's Guide 📙 to Living like a Queen 👸🏻👸🏽👸🏼👸🏿 on a Peasant's Budget 💸 ...

It's hard when you're just getting started in life to save money and live your life to the fullest like you want. Maybe you live in a big city and feel the struggle, or maybe you're out on your own for the first time trying to manage a budget, a job, and a social life. Whatever the reasoning, these are the best tips brought to us by cupcakesandcashmere.com on how to save money and still live your life like you're loaded!!

1. Pay off Debt as Soon as Possible

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If you have debt, paying it off should always be your number one priority, since it's scary-easy for debt to get out of hand. Set up plans to pay off credit card debt as quickly as possible, and then pay off things like medical bills, parking tickets, and student loans as quickly as you can, since debt only gains interest the longer it sits. You may have to make sacrifices, but in the long run, it's always worth it. If you have debt, keep it in mind as a "necessary cost" as you read the rest of these tips.

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