A Girl's Survival Guide for Working Weekends ...

Working weekends is no one’s favorite activity. Weekends are when the fun happens and when you’re at work, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out. 😝 So what can you do about it? Actually, quite a lot! This’s the survival guide you need to get you through those weekends you’re stuck at work.

1. Make Plans before or after Work

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Even if you’re working weekends, it doesn’t mean your whole weekend has to be sabotaged. Salvage what you can of it. Make plans before or after work to do something fun. It gives you something to look forward to and gives your weekend more of that weekend feel you’re craving. It’s not the same as having the whole weekend free but it does add a bit of enjoyment to it.

2. Crank up Beyonce!

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In other words, listen to something empowering and confidence inspiring! It doesn’t have to be Beyonce. Whatever lifts your spirits and makes you feel like you can take on the day is the music you need for working weekends. Music absolutely affects our moods so it’s wise to take advantage of that whenever you need to. It’s a mood lifter that’s absolutely free, too.

3. Reward Yourself

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I’m a firm believer that you should reward yourself for dealing with things that aren’t fun in your life. If you’re stuck at work during the weekends then you need to reward yourself for having good work ethic and dedication. Plan something fun for your day off, whenever it may be. Lunch with a friend, a mani/pedi or even a night in to catch up on your favorite shows are some ideas. It doesn’t matter so much what it is as the fact that you do something fun to give yourself the life balance you need.

4. Decide to Have a Positive Attitude

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A lot of how we feel is a direct result of how we decide to feel. Yes, circumstances can be crummy but you can still decide to have a positive attitude. Is it always easy? No, but it pays off. Not only will you feel happier but you’ll also be a lot more pleasant for others to be around.

5. Make Your Workplace Comfortable for You

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If you have a specific place at work that’s especially yours then make it nice for yourself. Adding some special little touches can make it feel homey and personalized. Framed pictures, keepsakes and even a dish of your favorite candy can make it a better place to be. You’ll feel comforted by having things around you that have your personality showing. A bonus is that this shows your employer that you care about your work environment enough to make it your second home.

6. Wear a Bright or Bold Lipstick

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It’s hard to be down when you’re wearing a happy lipstick. There’s just something about wearing a bold or bright color that lifts your spirits. While I love nudes and feel very comfortable in them, sometimes I need a mood boost and a bright lipstick is a great way to do that. One I’m crushing on right now is MAC’s Flocking Fabulous. It’s hard to be down when you’re wearing a lippie with a fun name like that!

7. Chock It up to Adulting

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Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and accept it is what it is. It’s a weekend spent working when you’d rather be doing something else. It’s not fun but it’s one of those necessary have-tos in the adult world. Focus on the fact that you’re a responsible adult and be proud of that. There’s some satisfaction in knowing you’re doing life maturely.

These tips can help you get through working weekends. Does this happen to you often? How do you cope when you’re hung at work on a weekend?

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