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7 Accessories That You Spend Too Much on ...

By Artti

Admit it, you have a few accessories that you spend too much on! It’s okay, we all do! We can’t help that we love to adorn ourselves in the most ornate and beautiful accessories available. Accessories are another way to express ourselves, our mood and our personality. Here’s a few accessories that you spend too much on.

1 Shoes

Shoes Shoes are definitely one of the accessories that you spend too much on. Most women dream of a killer shoe collection. It’s weird though, isn’t it? A. Shoe. Collection. Shoes are simply something we wear on our feet and usually use and abuse, so what’s the fascination behind it and why do women spend so much money on them? Probably because shoes can make or break an outfit. Plus, shoes have become their own form of art with varying details, colours and shapes.

2 Wallets

Wallets What’s the difference between a leather wallet and a faux-leather wallet? Or the difference between a Prada wallet and a wallet from your local drugstore? Not much really, but we always want the finer things in life so we justify our purchases by saying “Well, I bought it for the quality...” There’s something psychologically satisfying about having something that’s exclusive and covetable.

3 Purses/bags

Purses/bags Along with a shoe collection, most women want a purse collection to match. We need: a casual bag, a weekend bag, a travelling bag, a just running a quick errand bag, a going out bag, a party bag, a wristlet just to carry a few import things, a clutch for Wendy’s party, a work bag, a gym bag, a bag that’s convenient for the bus, a purse to take to a casual dinner, a beach bag, a purse that your boyfriend will carry for you, and a bag just because you deserve it.

4 Scarves

Scarves Scarves have really blown up in the past few years. I remember just five years ago when it was “un-cool” and borderline elderly to wear a scarf. Now there are YouTube tutorials on different ways to wear scarves. And who can forget about infinity scarves – the greatest invention since sliced bread.

5 Phone Cases

Phone Cases Some people have more phone cases than they do shoes! Phone cases are a great way to represent your mood, your personality or to match your outfit or other accessories. They are also fairly cheap if you know where to look. I recommend However, some people shell out $30+ for phone cases – Hello, that’s a pair of shoes right there!

6 Jewellery

Jewellery We’ve all been guilty of spending a ridiculous amount of money for jewellery! What can we say; women are like crows... we’re attracted to shiny things! Just like purses and shoes, we need jewellery to match the occasion – you can’t wear a wreath necklace to the gym, nor can you simply wear stud earrings to your best friend’s engagement.

7 Sunglasses

Sunglasses It seems like every summer, women are buying a new pair of sunglasses. The style of sunglasses that was popular last year is no longer relevant this year. Or maybe the pair you thought complemented your face last spring now make your nose look big and your face look smaller. Whatever the reason, we try justifying buying one more pair of sunglasses and promise ourselves it’s the last pair.

Women are funny like that, we can never have enough and we love our accessories. So much so that some women have more accessories than they do actual pieces of clothing! What are accessories that you spend a lot of money on?

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