Achievable Goals to Aim for ...


Achievable Goals to Aim for ...
Achievable Goals to Aim for ...

It’s almost the end of January, which means millions of people around the world are throwing in the towel on their New Year’s resolutions. But that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them! Take a stand and make 2021 the year you turn your life around for the better.

Even if you’ve already abandoned the goals you set for yourself a few weeks ago, there’s still plenty of time left to regroup and restart. Here are five achievable goals to consider aiming for in 2021:

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Improve Credit

Unless you’re among the 20% or so of people with good credit, chances are you could benefit from efforts toward improvement. Many factors influence credit score  meaning there are several ways to make yours go up this year. Start by lowering your credit utilization. This can be done by paying down credit card debt. Next, check if there are any errors on your credit report. These can be removed, which can lead to an almost instantaneous boost. Lastly, start using credit responsibly; the best way to do so is to use credit for groceries and other relatively minor purchases and pay the balance off at the end of every month.


Save Money

Are you currently unable to cover a surprise expense over $400? If so, you’re not alone; nearly 40% of Americans are in the same situation. For most people, this precipitous situation boils down to a lack of savings. While amassing significant savings is easier said than done, it’s not impossible. Start with putting $20 of every paycheck aside. Deposit it into a savings account and - most important of all - pretend like it’s not even there. If you stick to it, you’ll have between $500 and $1000 by the end of the year, meaning you’ll be able to cover a car repair and similarly sudden expenses.


Exercise More

Chances are you started the new year with the intent to lose some weight. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to drop pounds without regular exercise. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to commit to a fitness routine throughout the year. The goal can be something as simple as going for an hour walk every night or committing to working up a sweat three times a week. As long as it’s more physical activity than you’re getting now, it’s progress worth aiming for.


Sleep Better

Quality sleep is something most people put on the backburner. However, the importance of sleep for achieving optimum health and wellbeing is too critical to let this become your story. Make 2021 the year you get to bed on time every night and wake up on time every morning. There are several great resources online for advice on how to achieve better sleep. It could be an overhaul of your sleeping situation, swearing off caffeine earlier in the day, or taking a warm bath right before bedtime. Whatever the method, the goal of sleeping better is worth the effort.


Eat Healthier

The other one is diet. To lose weight, you need a caloric deficit. While regular exercise is useful for burning more calories than you consume  it’s not the only way to make it happen. Caloric deficits can also be achieved by eating less food. With that said, dieters must stick to foods rich in vitamins and minerals while avoiding foods high in fat and sugar. Otherwise, they run the risk of malnutrition, diabetes, and heart disease. In conjunction with limiting your calories so you don’t exceed the amount burned in a day, weight loss will be yours for the taking.

Have you already abandoned your resolutions for 2021? If so, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals for self-improvement. There’s plenty of year left. What’s more, there are more than a few ways to make it happen.

Here’s to a Happy New Year and a happy new you!

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