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What are the advantages of going self employed? Working for yourself is certainly not an easy option. It's important to be aware that you get none of the benefits of working for an employer, such as paid holidays and sick pay. But for the determined (which you need to be), being self employed can be a very satisfying way to work. Here are some of the advantages of going self employed …

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Flexible Timetable

One of the main advantages of going self employed is that your timetable can be more flexible. You may end up working long hours, maybe even more than in a salaried position, but you can generally choose those hours. You can work after the kids are in bed, take time off for an appointment, and work late at night if that suits you better.


No Boss

Another good point about being self-employed is that you don't have to deal with a boss. You can get on with your work without having a boss watching over you. A poor boss can make working life very difficult, so being your own boss is a popular reason for wanting to be self employed.


Choose Your Work

Perhaps one of the nicest things is that once you have built up a reputation and established a list of clients, you can choose which work to accept. In the early days you'll probably have to take on work just to make contacts (and money). But later on you can turn down difficult clients or projects that you don't want to deal with. As an employee, you have to do the work you're given.


Not Making Someone else Rich

It's infuriating when you realise how much your bosses and the owner of your company are making. They are basically profiting from your hard work, and you have little to show for it. Work for yourself, and it's less likely that you are making someone else rich. If you're in the right field, you can make a lot more money working for yourself.



Working for yourself also gives you a greater sense of control over your life and career. As an employee you have very little autonomy, and have to complete the work you're told to do. A self-employed person can choose how to structure their day, what work to accept and control their working environment.


Work at Home

This is another popular reason for wanting to be self-employed; when you're tired of a lengthy commute every day, working out of your spare room at home is a very attractive option. You can also work in casual clothes if you don't deal with clients face to face (although many people find wearing a 'work uniform' even at home helps put them into the right frame of mind).



Finally, working for yourself can be immensely satisfying. You're building a business and a future for yourself. It is certainly not the easy option that many people believe it to be, but if you have the right temperament self-employment can mean that you never look back.

It's vital to consider your options carefully before going self-employed. You can't just quit your job and wait for work to come rolling in. But with determination, hard work and talent, it may be the best thing you ever did. Would you rather work for yourself or have a steady job?

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