7 Amazing Ways to Overcome Money Related Insomnia ...


Money related insomnia can keep you awake at night and affect your energy level during the day. Understandably, it is hard to sleep when you're constantly focused on your finances. You can't snap your fingers and make money appear in your bank account. But at the same time, worrying doesn't get you anywhere. Here are seven amazing ways to overcome money related insomnia.

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Don’t Pay Bills before Going to Bed

To overcome money related insomnia, take care of financial matters several hours before bed. This way, you have time to clear your mind and de-stress. If you pay bills right before bedtime, you may lie awake for several hours worrying about your cash flow and other financial issues.


Don’t Argue about Money before Bed

In all honesty, it's never good to argue about money — it doesn't solve anything. However, simple money discussions with your partner can turn into an argument. Therefore, do not engage in these discussions before bedtime. If things escalate, it's difficult to calm down and go to sleep.


Be Grateful for What You Have

If you lie awake at night worrying about money, this is a good time to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. You may not have a lot of cash in the bank, but you might have a loving family and good health. This is more than what some people enjoy.


Avoid Caffeine

Coffee or soda may provide an energy burst. Caffeine however, is a stimulant. And as a stimulant, it triggers the adrenal gland to produce extra adrenaline, which can increase your stress level and cause anxiety. If you enjoy a late evening or nighttime caffeinated drink, this can raise your stress level before bed, at which time you might start to focus on your financial problems.


Put Frustrations on Paper

If your mind is racing and you can't sleep, grab a sheet of paper and write down your money frustrations. Sometimes, money related insomnia is triggered by lack of a doable plan. By putting frustrations on paper, and resolving to work on these issues in the morning, it can provide your mind closure, helping you sleep better.


Get Support

Don't handle the issue by yourself. If you're unable to sleep at night, talk with your partner or a close friend. This person might be able to offer reassurance and perhaps help you develop a plan to get your finances on track. Also, don't be afraid to speak with your doctor. He or she might be able to recommend natural remedies to calm your nerves and sleep better.


Focus on Something Happy

If you can change your frame of mind before bed, it might be easier to sleep. For example, establish a nighttime routine, such as reading a good book, taking a bath or engaging in other relaxing activities. This can take your mind off your finances, and help you fall into a deep slumber quicker.

You need money to pay your bills and care for your family. Therefore, it's only normal to experience apprehension when you don't have enough coming in. However, worrying and losing sleep isn't going to make the situation better. But if you can find ways to channel your frustration, you’ll be in a better position to overcome your situation.

How do you get to sleep and clear your mind when worrying about finances?

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Good ideas ... Will share with some friends that struggle with this.

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