7 Amazing Ways to Survive a Financial Fast ...

It might be difficult, but there are several ways to survive a financial fast. A financial fast is the perfect solution if you need to save money, or if you’re simply trying to break a shopping habit. But if you normally shop when you're bored or looking for a little entertainment, getting through a fast can be challenging. However, here seven amazing ways to survive a financial fast.

1. Find Tasty Recipes to Prepare

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Cooking your own meals at home is one of several ways to survive a financial fast. If you enjoy going out with friends and experiencing different cuisines, eating at home for several weeks or months can be grueling. However, if you experiment with different meals and learn how to prepare meals yourself, you can enjoy delicious dinners at home on the cheap.

2. Stay Away from the Mall

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The mall is the last place you need to go when going through a financial fast. Also, you need to avoid online shopping. If you need something, ask a trusted friend or family member to go to the mall and pick up this item for you.

3. Plan a Game Night

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You might not be able to go out and have fun, but you can definitely have fun inside your house. Rather than spend money, get together with a few of your friends and plan weekly game nights. Each person can bring a simple dish, which guarantees a night of fun without busting your budget.

4. Only Purchase What You Need

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Granted, there are items that you will need while going through a financial fast. However, it's important to distinguish needs from wants. For the next 21 days β€” or however long β€” only buy items that you absolutely need. If you second-guess a purchase, you probably don't need the item.

5. Think about Your Savings Account or Other Goals

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If you feel that you might fall off the wagon, quickly focus on the purpose behind the financial fast. For example, if you're trying to build your savings account, think of the goals that you’ll reach by adding money into your account. Perhaps you'll be closer to buying a house, paying off your debt, or building a financial cushion. Keep these goals in mind and it’ll be easier to stay on track.

6. Explore Your City on the Cheap

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If you need to get away from the house, head online and check out local attractions happening in the area. There’s usually plenty of activities during the summer months, such as free concerts in the park, inexpensive festivals, activities at the beach, and so forth. Even if you have to travel to a neighboring city to enjoy a free event, it'll be much cheaper than spending the night at the movies or a restaurant.

7. Get Your Body into Shape

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Whenever you feel the need to go out and spend, redirect your mind and focus on something else β€” such as getting your body into shape. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds or tone your muscles. It might take a while to get into a regular exercise routine, but once you start a routine, you might look forward to your workouts.

Nobody ever said that a financial fast would be easy β€” but it's certainly worth any sacrifices you make. And once you're closer to your goals, you'll be happy that you made the choice to spend less. What are other ways to survive a financial fast?

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