8. The Best Things in Life Are Cheap

Thereโ€™s no need to splash out on expensive entertainment during the holidays. Reclaim quality family time with games and activities. Things like jig-saws are not only cheap, but they allow full family participation. Buying some board games can also be another one of the ways to save money as many traditional games have been modernised. Ms. Scarlet with the revolver in the library might have stepped aside for the irritated wife with the frying pan in the living room, but it can still provide hours of family fun. There are also plenty of games that cost absolutely nothing. There are plenty of resources for free games on the Internet โ€“ I was quite enamoured by the Photo Scavenger hunt on this site funxmasgames.org

Make ways to save money part of your holiday planning and actual celebrations. Youโ€™ll appreciate them more and actually have more inclination to follow them if you put a positive spin on them. You might find youโ€™re a fudge maker extraordinaire or turn up a lost family heirloom when you fulfil your pledge to clean out auntieโ€™s basement. Involve the kids wherever you can. One of the very cornerstones of saving money at holiday times is to not let people feel they are missing out. Just maybe โ€“ saving money this year might rekindle some of those old fashioned values Christmas once stood for โ€“ sharing, caring and enjoying your family โ€“ not who has the biggest credit card debt come January.

Those are my Astonishingly Easy Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season. What budgeting strategies are you going to be following this Christmas?

Top Photo Credit: airefresco

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