7 Awesome Reasons to Shop at Thrift Stores ...


My mom spent my growing up years giving me plenty of reasons to shop at thrift stores, but I was a mother myself before I really got the value of it. They’re all over the place and some have really fun stuff, so you shouldn’t write off secondhand stores as somewhere you’ll never go. Yes, you’ll need to wash your hands when you leave, but I promise that you’re going to love these reasons to shop at thrift stores.

1. It Saves Money

Think about the clothes in your closet – how many do you donate or give away when they’re still perfectly good? Many others do the same. I’ve found multiple items with the tags still on them. I once scored a $200 dollar dress, tags still on, for $13! Of course, there’s plenty of icky junky clothes too, but if you’re willing to dig a bit, you’ll find some awesome deals. I buy kids jeans too because most little ones grow too fast to wear them out. Plus when my kids inevitably ruin them, at least I didn’t spend big dollars on them. If that’s not the best of these reasons to shop at thrift stores, I don’t know what is.

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