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My mom spent my growing up years giving me plenty of reasons to shop at thrift stores, but I was a mother myself before I really got the value of it. They’re all over the place and some have really fun stuff, so you shouldn’t write off secondhand stores as somewhere you’ll never go. Yes, you’ll need to wash your hands when you leave, but I promise that you’re going to love these reasons to shop at thrift stores.

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It Saves Money

Think about the clothes in your closet – how many do you donate or give away when they’re still perfectly good? Many others do the same. I’ve found multiple items with the tags still on them. I once scored a $200 dollar dress, tags still on, for $13! Of course, there’s plenty of icky junky clothes too, but if you’re willing to dig a bit, you’ll find some awesome deals. I buy kids jeans too because most little ones grow too fast to wear them out. Plus when my kids inevitably ruin them, at least I didn’t spend big dollars on them. If that’s not the best of these reasons to shop at thrift stores, I don’t know what is.


Designer Merchandise

Guess who once found a Prada handbag at the second hand store for $5? Yep – me! It doesn’t happen every time, but you can often score designer names for pennies. I have a great Michael Kors shirt that I paid $2 for and I get compliments every time I wear it. Sure, there’s also a good deal of off name clothing, but when you find the designer piece hiding, it’ll make your day. Just be sure to wash before wearing.


Unique Home Goods

I like having décor items in my home that no one else has, so the thrift store is the obvious place to find them. Plus, you can often find great items to make other things out of. For example, tall glasses can be wonderful vases that none of your friends will have. You can find fun dishes for picnics and unique coffee mugs too. Again, wash before you use any dishes from the secondhand store.


A Good Laugh

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of ugly, awful stuff resides on thrift store shelves. When I thrift with my mom and sisters, we laugh so hard at some of the stuff that we can’t catch our breath. Even if we don’t buy anything, we can still enjoy a good time laughing at the stuff someone actually paid full price for brand-new.


New Books

If you’re an avid reader, the thrift store is the place to go. There are loads of like-new books on the shelves for just a couple of dollars each. You’ll never be lacking for something new to read. If you’re a parent or teacher, the secondhand store is also the ideal place to look for story books and educational material for the kids you spend your days with.


It’s a Hobby

Everyone needs a hobby and finding a good bargain is one of mine. Whether it’s a fantastic coupon for groceries or a half-price deal on movie tickets, scoring a great deal is always fun. Shopping at the thrift store is a fun way to foster this hobby, even if I don’t buy anything. Thrift store hopping in other places is also fun!


It’s Good for the Environment

Buying secondhand is eco-friendly. When you buy used items, you cut down on the energy needed to produce new ones. No, it probably won’t change the world, but you can feel good about doing your part. I’m in no way suggesting that you buy poor quality or ugly stuff, but if you find a great item at a great price, why not?

Do you shop at thrift stores? I hated them for years, but now I enjoy a trip into one now and then.

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Love this!! I find vintage items for my apt. Plus it's helps me since I'm kinda broke college kid!! (Sometimes) ☺️ Lol I totally agree with the things you said.

I thrift shop with my mom and we always have so much fun! everything about this is so true!

I love thrift stores! There's so much great stuff at them!

One of my most favorite de- stressing past times and if I find an awesome piece along the way it's a bonus ☺️

Trash to treasure how I see it

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