8 Awesome UK Coupon Sites ...

UK Coupon sites are a fairly recent phenomenon. Whilst the US has been β€˜couponing’ for decades, the UK is really only just beginning to wake up to the great discounts to be had and what fun coupons can be. The Brits have never really been a nation that has spent time clipping coupons from magazines and newspapers but the accessibility of printable coupons from the Internet is likely to cause the biggest change in British shopping habits since e-commerce began. As yet the number of UK coupon sites is a mere fraction of the US sites but they are growing quickly. I’ve found here 7 Awesome UK Coupon Sites.

1. HotUKDeals.com

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This site is one of the most well-known coupon sites in the UK. With a number of categories, freebies, and deals on offer, this is the perfect website for Brits to save lots of money. Furthermore, the fact that it’s updated every few hours makes this website one of the best around if you need a quick deal.

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