Awesome 😎 Ways to Make Your Money πŸ’° Last ⏳ in College 🏫 ...


College is a weird time. It’s a time when you are taking your first steps into independent adulthood, whilst also still having a lot of your old teenage tendencies. Chief among these teenage tendencies is the temptation to spend more money than you should, and unfortunately that is just not something that is going to fly when you are trying to make it through a college semester! Being financially smart is an essential thing to learn when you are setting out on your own for the first time. It will stop you from having to call your parents every other week to ask for more cash! Here are some ways to make your money last in college!

1. Set Limits with Your Parents

Before you go, sit down and have a conversation with your parents, and make sure that you get from them their expectations of how often you should be calling them for help. The more honest and strict they are with you, the more you will be motivated to set your own boundaries and adhere to them. If they make it clear that you can’t come to them whenever you need something, you will work harder to be self-sufficient.

Wants Vs. Needs