Be Your Own Boss How College Kids Can Make Money without an Actual Job ...


When you're at college, you probably need to make some extra cash. You can go get a regular part-time job at evenings and weekends, which will fit in with your study commitments. But what if you want more flexibility, or to be your own boss? Here are some ways to make money without getting a job …

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Sign up on a Freelancer Site

If you have skills such as writing or coding, signing up on a freelancer site such as Elance or oDesk could be worthwhile. Set up a profile, and you can apply for jobs. Payment is handled by the sites. Although you're often competing against people who can work for less, freelancer sites could bring you some useful extra cash and you can fit projects in between your college work.


Tutor Other Students

After your first year, you could tutor other students who are studying the same courses that you've already done (although don't be tempted to write essays for them or an essay mill - that's cheating). You could also tutor high school students who need a helping hand to progress in subjects you're good at.


Be Crafty

Do you have a craft skill that you could use to make some extra cash? If you can paint, sew or make jewellery, put together some stock and look for somewhere you could set up a stall. The advantage of utilising craft and artistic skills is that you can work on making your pieces at your leisure, so it fits in well around study commitments. It's also a pleasant antidote to using your brain for study.


Teach Your Practical Skills

Do you have a practical skill that you could pass on to others? Set up workshops to show people the basics. For example, you could teach people how to do simple DIY tasks, learn to sew, or do self-defence. Or you could run cooking workshops for students who are away for the first time and have no idea how to cook simple, nutritious meals!


Dog Walking & Pet Care

Do you like animals and being outdoors? Advertise your services as a dog walker. You will make cash as well as getting some exercise (useful if you have to spend a lot of time in the library!). Also consider offering pet-sitting services in the home if you're sticking around during vacations, or on your home turf if you're going back there.


Make Money on One-off Events

Some useful extra cash can also be earned from one-off events. Medical studies can be quite lucrative, although you should be certain that you are informed of all the risks. There may also be work for hosts and staff at local events, such as business events and weddings. This is great if you just want occasional employment.


TV Extras

If you're studying somewhere that has TV studios nearby, check out agencies for work as an extra. You'll probably need to be available for a full day, so it may not fit in with your studies. But if you can find work that does fit in with your study commitments, it can be a fun and useful way of earning some extra cash.

Even if you don't need to work while studying, it's still handy to have some extra cash - and if you're earning it, you won't be spending it! Have you had any unusual jobs?

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Most steph any tips and sites.. You can give please

My college ex would play online poker for real money. They would send him a check every couple of weeks from his winnings. Free swag and even a free trip to play in a tournament in Atlantis

Where's Youtube?!! That's a really big business nowdays.

If you really want to see what you're made of Network Marketing is the way. Finding the best company to work with is the tricky part. Do your research on not just the product or service but the compensation as well . You want to make the most for your effort, right? Seriously doing Network Marketing has help me pay it off so much of my student loans and credit cards without having to step foot into a job or have someone to tell me how I should run my life . You get to around great mentors & leadership were you are encouraged to create your outstanding self and do things you never knew possible. Getting recognition & acknowledgment for every step that you take , it's seriously the best thing EVER!!

Extra wrk is a fantastic way to earn $$ not only for students but everyone, all ages...but for tuition, books, oh how I wish I'd known. My hubby is part of Canadian Actra and thru him I've learned about extra work...easy peezy for lots of monzies!!!

In my opinion , poker is not a good way to earn 😕

Any examples of good free lancer sites?? And I guess the registrations won't be free? Will it ?

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