Everything 💯 a Girl 👩 Should Know 🗯 about Contracting Work 💸 versus Regular Employment 💰 ...

There's a difference between being a contractor versus being an employee. As a contractor, I love my job. Not having a boss is the best feeling in the world. Not waiting for a paycheck or other issues, such as office work, attitudes from your co-workers, and daily cooler gossip, are things I do not miss. Working as my own boss has its perks. Each week I get to make my own schedule, hire or not hire new employees, and give each customer my best service.

Taking time out for yourself is one of the great things about being a contractor. In my life, the kids and spouse need time too. This can be difficult with a 9 to 5 schedule, and working on my own time stops any delays in going to a doctor's appointment or helping my spouse paint the garage. On those busy days when you have to complete a project and you have an unscheduled appointment, hiring help is easy and fast.

However, sometimes I miss regular employment. Going to work every day and seeing your co-workers, and doing a great job is an awesome feeling. Being on a team is having another group to belong to and be a part of. Away from work I can always hang out with my friends, continue after work projects, and relieve everyday stresses. Bosses can be good friends too. They are people you can look up to and strive to be like in the future. Helping your boss reach her goals is an amazing part of the regular job experience and teamwork.

So, what's the difference between being a contractor versus being an employee? I would take being a contractor any day. To be able to have flexibility and set my own free time is a guaranteed win. Good luck! Happy contracting!

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