7 Best Career Paths to Choose in 2013 ...


It's no secret that the job market is changing, which means that there are different careers to choose that may be easier to do well in than others. Some positions that were once popular are now seeing a decrease in jobs, while other positions have a surplus because they are so new! So whether you're thinking of a career change or wondering what to go to college for, I'd suggest choosing from this list of the best careers to choose in 2013!

1. Advertising & Marketing

It's no wonder why advertising and marketing are careers to choose in 2013 with all of the new platforms available to advertise on! Thanks to an average salary of about $107,950, advertising and marketing grads will be able to pay off their loans super quick. One of the newest positions to choose from includes mobile and social media advertising/marketing, which will increase in the next few years. Advertising and marketing are always safe career paths to choose, as there will never be a time where they will stop trying to sell products!

Software Developer
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