10 Awesome Places to Shop for the Best Black Friday Bargains ...


10 Awesome Places to Shop for the Best Black Friday Bargains ...
10 Awesome Places to Shop for the Best Black Friday Bargains ...

What are the best places for Black Friday bargains?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to break out your wallet and get ready for long lines at stores. Black Friday can be the most painful holiday if you don’t know how to navigate through it. If you’re looking for something specific, then you must know your brand and where to get it from. So get ready to wake up super early in the morning to get to these stores. They are some of the best places for Black Friday bargains.

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Old Navy

retail, outlet store, shopping mall, technology, signage, One of the best places for Black Friday bargains is Old Navy. Old Navy is known to have door-busting sales on this holiday. You can get clothes for ridiculous prices and outfits for the whole family. They are also known for their variety of jeans and pants for all body shapes and sizes. So if you need some new jeans for this winter, look no further!


Thrift Stores

clothing, boutique, outerwear, fashion, retail, For those who don’t like paying too much, thrift stores are the perfect option! It’s cheap on its own but imagine going to a thrift store on Black Friday. You can get a bunch of outfits for a good price. But if you don’t like scavenging for clothes or other items than the thrift store might not be the best thing for you.


Best Buy

architecture, building, commercial building, signage, facade, Best Buy has some of the best sales on electronics on Black Friday. From desktops to TVs, there’s a lot to buy from here. Also, keep in mind that the game systems and games they have for sale. They can be known to put ridiculous savings on games, way more so than GameStop.


Bath and Body Works

retail, grocery store, convenience store, product, supermarket, If you haven’t heard of them, you will on Black Friday. Bath and Body Works is known to have good deals on lotions, body sprays, etc. But they up the scale even more on Black Friday. You might catch some deals that are up to 80% off if you’re lucky. If you like to smell good and love to buy scented products, this is the shop for you.



retail, shopping mall, outlet store, boutique, shopping, For all the thick ladies out there, this is a store you simply have to check out! They feature clothing catering to plus size women. If you’ve been to one then you know about all the cute clothes and accessories they have. They aren’t the cheapest place in the world, but that makes it all the more worth it to go on Black Friday to get a cute outfit for half the price. If there isn’t one in your area check them out online.



building, retail, facade, outlet store, commercial building, I know what you’re thinking, Walmart already has affordable prices. But did you know they make them even more affordable on Black Friday? I have to warn you, Walmart has been infamous for being the rave of many news broadcasts so tread lightly. TVs have been one of the best things to get, so go to Walmart very early. I recommend bringing a friend along to tag team on the good deals. Also, gamers stay on alert for sales on games and game systems. If you want a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox one, Walmart should be on your lookout list.


Burlington Coat Factory

building, commercial building, outlet store, real estate, facade, As the name suggests, this store is known for having quality winter coats and jackets for a decent price. Winter is coming which means it’s time to get a warm coat if you haven’t already. Also, check out their shoes. They have a good selection and you might be surprised on what you find.


Payless Shoe Source

retail, outlet store, brand, product, font, If you like good quality shoes at an affordable price, then Payless is the one for you! They put deals out all the time on shoes, but imagine the deals on Black Friday! We’re talking "buy one get one free" or 50% off kinds of deals. It’s also good to check them out online as some of their shoes can be available online but not in stores and vice versa.



retail, convenience store, product, newsagent's shop, supermarket, It’s time to get that new game system you’ve always wanted. GameStop has deals on systems, accessories, and games. Be sure to get there early before everything gets sold out. I recommend making it there 30 minutes before they open.


Forever 21

shopping, neighbourhood, building, retail, city, My personal favorite and an awesome store to shop at. Forever 21 is known for their cute clothes with good prices. They’re even better when they’re half price or more. If you want a new outfit, try out Forever 21 and you won’t be disappointed.

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