Get That Moocher off Your Back and out of Your Wallet ...


There are many ways to deal with a moocher. Maybe a friend or relative always asks for cash. It doesn't matter if they have a job, they're always broke. And for some reason, you're there go-to person for money. Well, you're nobody's personal bank. If you're tired of going into your pocket and ringing up your credit cards, here are seven ways to deal with a moocher.

1. Decide if the Person is Really a Freeloader

There are many ways to deal with a moocher, but first you need to decide if the person is really a freeloader, or if they need genuine help. It's one thing to offer financial assistance to somebody who's truly down and out. Of course, that's providing you have extra money to give. However, if your friend has money, but would rather spend your cash and keep hers, that's a problem. Being observant can help you decide if the person's really a moocher. This person might cry broke when around you, but her lifestyle says otherwise. For example, is the person constantly buying stuff for her house? Does she wear new clothes? If so, chances are this person has disposable income.

Drop Subtle Hints
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