Bored at Work? Here's What You Can do ...


Some people have more work than time, and these people rarely have a bored moment at work. But if you work part- time while completing school, you might spend your days doing grunt work or answering phones, and you might have more free time than actual work. This can be a welcome mat, but after a few weeks, your days might become long and boring. However, there are several things you can do to keep yourself busy.

1. Shadow Someone

Ask to shadow a co-worker and learn other aspects of the business. I worked as a temp receptionist for a company while in college, but since the company had an automated phone system that filtered the majority of calls, I spent most of the day “not” answering the phone. I had a choice: either die of boredom or speak up. I was allowed to shadow workers in two other departments, and eventually learned enough to help with their overflow work.

How's Your Finances
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