These Budget-Friendly Christmas Activities Are Perfect for the Whole Family ...


These Budget-Friendly Christmas Activities Are Perfect for the Whole Family ...
These Budget-Friendly Christmas Activities Are Perfect for the Whole Family ...

It can be difficult to come up with budget-friendly Christmas activities. You want to do things with your family but a lot of things cost money. These ideas for budget-friendly Christmas activities are things you do for little or no money. There are ways to enjoy the season without going broke.

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Trim the Tree Together

One of the budget-friendly Christmas activities that you can enjoy with your family is to trim the tree together. You already have the Christmas ornaments. You can probably even make some new ornaments with things you already have at home if you want to. You can string popcorn or do other things to give your tree a special touch. Pinterest is a great website to give you some inspiration on homemade Christmas decorations and there's some fun ideas here


Take a Scenic Night Drive

This’s something fun that I have fond memories of doing as a child. Take your family out for a drive and enjoy the Christmas lights. It’s good if you know an area or a park to tour that really goes all out. You may want to pick up some hot chocolate at a drive through or bring some from home. It gives your scenic drive more of a festive feel.


Make a Gingerbread House

Making a gingerbread house is a relatively inexpensive Christmas activity. You can buy the things to decorate it separately or buy a kit that has everything included. I’ve seen gingerbread house kits between ten to fifteen dollars at my local Walmart. This can provide an afternoon of fun for you and your family. It’s also a nice treat to enjoy after you’re finished building. Some great ideas here


Attend a Christmas Parade

Many towns have a Christmas parade. This is something you can enjoy for free. Bundle up in warm clothes and enjoy the sights and sounds of the parade. It can really help get you in the holiday spirit, too. Who doesn’t love a parade?


Watch Some Christmas Movies

This is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. If you have any kind of cable or satellite television, there are tons of options when it comes to Christmas movies in December. Hallmark has some of my favorites. ABC Family also offers a lot of great ones and many of them are just right for children, too. Christmas movies can provide many evenings of fun.


Jump onto the Elf on a Shelf Craze

Of course this one has to be included. If you have children or even younger siblings, your family can enjoy this Christmas tradition. The only cost is to buy the Elf and it’s free from there. The basic idea is that this Elf moves nightly while children sleep and cause all sorts of mischief while keeping an eye on the children during the day. It can be fun for everyone.


Watch a Free Christmas Play

There are many Christmas plays to take in during the holidays. Maybe you have children or a niece or nephew who’s staring in a play at school that you can attend. There may be one staged at a local church. Keep your eyes and ears open and you’re sure to find one. It’s always fun to enjoy a Christmas play, especially when children are the stars.

These are 7 budget-friendly ways to enjoy Christmas activities. What are some low-cost Christmas activities your family enjoys? Your ideas can inspire others.

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