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7 Business Body Language Tricks That Help Advance Your Career ...

By Corina

Because your posture, your facial expressions and other physical movements play an important role in an individual’s success, here are a few business body language tricks that will help you reach your goals. If you want to advance in your career, then you need to pay attention to your body language too. It can say a lot about you as a professional and positioning and movements work together to communicate specific attributes about an individual. By using facial expressions, movements and positioning, you can project positive qualities such as assertiveness, confidence, empathy, interest, openness to collaboration and intelligence. By using a few clever body language techniques, you can communicate these qualities and you can raise yourself in the esteem of influential parties without speaking a word. Here are 7 business body language tricks hat help advance your career:

Table of contents:

  1. Maintain eye contact
  2. Keep palms facing down
  3. Remove possible barriers
  4. Smile sincerely
  5. Minimize movements
  6. Develop a strong handshake
  7. Strike a wide stance

1 Maintain Eye Contact

One of the most important business body language tricks that will help you advance in your career is maintaining eye contact with your interlocutors and engaging in active listening more often. This way, you show other individuals that you respect them and that you are interested in what they are saying. Keep consistent eye contact with your colleagues when they speak, nod occasionally and they will feel interesting and important.

2 Keep Palms Facing down

Even though the people around you may not recognize this subtle move, it will actually help you shape their opinions of you. A lot of studies have shown that when individuals place both of their hands palms down on podiums, tables or desks when speaking to others, it projects a sense of leadership and authority.

3 Remove Possible Barriers

Try to keep your body language open and remove any possible barriers because most people tend to take emotional cues from their conversation partners. So, don’t cross your arms and don’t slouch, because you will appear “closed off” to others. Keep your arms at your sides to show the individuals you interact that you are open. Also, try to avoid being separated by your interlocutor by large items such as tables.

4 Smile Sincerely

When you talk to your boss or to one of your colleagues, try to smile sincerely. When you approach an individual, try to imagine greeting an old friend and a genuine smile will emerge on your face. A sincere smile communicates a sense of warmth, which will encourage others to open up.

5 Minimize Movements

When you talk to your boss or to one of your co-workers, try to avoid scratching, squirming, twitching or wiggling because you will seem nervous and tense. Also, avoid gesticulating widely when you talk to another individual because this could distract your interlocutor from important points, so try to incorporate natural, subtly controlled movements that will mirror the body language of your interlocutor.

6 Develop a Strong Handshake

This simple act can take some work, so avoid extremes in handshakes. Aim for a brief, natural-feeling grasp if you want to communicate trust and respect and avoid an overly limp or excessively firm handshake.

7 Strike a Wide Stance

When you talk to your boss or to one of your co-workers, try to adopt a wide stance because it will expand your diaphragm and it will project your speaking voice more effectively. You will seem more influential and more impressive and you’ll make a good impression.

These body language techniques will help you reach your goals but you need to practice them, so you will develop body language habits that will help you in your career. Do you know any other business body language tricks that help advance your career? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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