Buy These Products to Donate Money to Charity ...


Buy These Products to Donate Money to Charity ...
Buy These Products to Donate Money to Charity ...

Giving back is something that we all like doing when we can, right? It turns out that something as simple as buying products you need can help. If you purchase such items, you get an item you can put to good use and someone in need gets a little bit of help too. Not all products apply, however. Stock up on these options and part of the money to fork over will go to charities in all parts of the world. The prices are shown for the item in each point, but all of these companies offer other items as well.

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Steve's Paleo Goods

Steve's Paleo Goods
When you buy a gift basket from this company, your money goes to a service that brings CrossFit to youth at risk.


Catherine's Table
When you purchase a Love Heals candle, you can be happy that the proceeds go to Magdalene, which supports victims of trafficking and prostitution.


Winter Hats

Winter Hats
People in Peru are employed to make these hats, helping them live a healthy and happy life.


Eko Lite Mat

Eko Lite Mat
This mat is super wonderful for your time at the studio, but it also helps support grassroots and social change ideas that are good for everyone.


Coffee or Tea
When you buy these coffee or tea sets, you're supporting education and community development.


A Bottle of Wine
Yes, buying wine can help others. When you buy from Real Dogs & Cats Wine, some of your money goes to help with animal resuce and adoptions.


Miir Water Bottle

Miir Water Bottle
One dollar from each purchase of a Miir water bottle goes to providing clean water to those in need.


A T-shirt
Proceeds from this t-shirt go to help research for breast cancer.


A Cool Backpack
This fun bag donates money back to education through the Knock Foundation.


A Camera Strap

A Camera Strap
For every purchase of this functional and durable camera strap, a portion of the sales are donated to getting clean water where it's needed.


Kitchenware Tools
When you buy these items, part of the money goes to support the people who create them.


Mismatched Socks

Mismatched Socks
You might wonder why you would want a pair of mismatched socks, but when you buy, you also support ending blindness around the world.


Feel great about listening to music because these earphones donate money to Feeding America.


Stuffed Animals
Buying these little toys helps support the women who make them, most of whom are suffering from AIDS or are otherwise affected by it.


A Pack of Gum

A Pack of Gum
Buying a pack of Project 7 gum helps support several causes, including ending hunger and homelessness and providing those in need with clean water.


Makeup Bags

Makeup Bags
Store your cosmetics in style and help support the artisans in Africa who make these great makeup bags.


John Lennon Scarf

John Lennon Scarf
His legacy is still living on with this scarf that helps fight hunger worldwide.

Which item are you going to buy first? What charity do you most identify with?

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