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7 Christmas Money Saving Tips Youll Be Glad of ...

By Corina

Even though Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, it can also be the most expensive one, there are some Christmas money saving tips that you should consider. With all the decorations, presents and food that you’ll have to buy, you might end up spending a small fortune and that special day of the year might lose its magic. Christmas really is an exciting time of year but a lot of people are not only short on time but short on money as well. Don’t break the bank this festive season; make sure that you listen to our advice since these practical hints will help you cut back on your Christmas costs. So if you’re trying to tighten Santa’s belt this year, here are a few Christmas money saving tips that you should consider:

Table of contents:

  1. Plan for affordability
  2. Be a savvy internet shopper
  3. Make what you can
  4. Save on food shopping
  5. Leave the credit card at home
  6. Avoid shopping at the last minute
  7. Do your research

1 Plan for Affordability

One of the most important Christmas money saving tips that you should keep in mind is the fact that you should plan for affordability and not desirability. Calculate your budget first and then ask yourself how much you can afford to spend on Christmas. Make a list of gifts and stick to it since it will help you avoid temptation.

2 Be a Savvy Internet Shopper

A lot of websites offer discounts during this time of year. There are even voucher code websites which bring you all about the different discounts available at various online retailers. It would be difficult to tell you the best ones so please search because you might finds local ones that are better directed at your needs.

3 Make What You Can

If you want to save some money this Christmas, then get creative and make what you can. Home-made decorations are really fashionable and homemade food gifts are always a treat. If you have kids, get them involved in some Christmas crafting too, because this is such a fun and productive way to spend time with your little ones.

4 Save on Food Shopping

Even though the temptations can be many, be wise and stick to your objective. Don’t buy all those pre-packaged Christmas foods because they will cost you way more than cooking from scratch. Don’t leave everything to the last minute. For example, mince pies can be frozen, so make up a whole batch in advance and you’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones during this wonderful time of year.

5 Leave the Credit Card at Home

If you don’t want to get into debt, leave your credit card at home when you go shopping and bring cash or your debit card instead. Credit card debt can be pretty expensive, especially if you don’t repay it in a few months. If you are only spending the money that you have on your debit card or in your pocket then you will be less likely to overspend than if you pay with your credit cards.

6 Avoid Shopping at the Last Minute

Don’t shop for Christmas gifts at the last minute! List everything that you intend to buy and go shopping when it’s quieter. Most shops are a lot quieter early in the morning or late at night before closing time. Just take your time and think about the gifts you would like, because this way you will avoid impulse shopping and overspending.

7 Do Your Research

If you know what gifts you would like to give to your loved ones, then do dome research and find out where you can buy them at the best price. If you have a present in mind, then just shop around and compare prices, both online and in stores. Look for discounts and promotional offers. Also keep an eye out for deals or for coupons on gifts wherever you can.

There are a lot of things you can do to cut back on your Christmas costs. I just mentioned a few here but I’m sure that there are many more I could add to this list. Do you know any other helpful Christmas money saving tips? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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