Clipping Coupons for Military Overseas ...


Clipping Coupons for Military Overseas ...
Clipping Coupons for Military Overseas ...

Do you not want to be bothered with clipping coupons? Would you do it for a good cause though? Would you clip coupons for the military overseas? I have included each organization with their YouTube video and coordinating website. Review on!

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Coupon Cabin Coupons for Troops

As each organization states, coupons up to an expiration date of 6 months are accepted. You pay the postage. Most of the time, you can adopt a certain family or a certain base. Most of the time, you may send books, magazines, treats, and even a letter. Why not give them a little something of home? I may take part in this cause myself.

So, give them a little "thinking of you" and appreciation. Think of how happy they are going to be when they go shopping!

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