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Clipping Coupons for Military Overseas ...

By Leiann

Do you not want to be bothered with clipping coupons? Would you do it for a good cause though? Would you clip coupons for the military overseas? I have included each organization with their YouTube video and coordinating website. Review on!

Table of contents:

  1. Coupsfortroops
  2. Troopons
  3. Coupon cabin coupons for troops

1 CoupsForTroops

2 Troopons

3 Coupon Cabin Coupons for Troops

As each organization states, coupons up to an expiration date of 6 months are accepted. You pay the postage. Most of the time, you can adopt a certain family or a certain base. Most of the time, you may send books, magazines, treats, and even a letter. Why not give them a little something of home? I may take part in this cause myself.

So, give them a little "thinking of you" and appreciation. Think of how happy they are going to be when they go shopping!

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