7. Accounting

Not to be confused with degrees in other financial disciplines, I think accounting is probably the least unexpected entry in the list of high earning college degrees.

Whatever the giants of the business world are doing, they need to know how much money they are making and how they can make more by paying less taxes and smarter investments (as well as operational activities, of course) and that is where the accountant comes in. 3.9% of the top 1% earners major in accounting.

What an interesting list! Of course, taking one of these high-earning college majors doesnโ€™t mean you will enter that exclusive 1% of top earners. It takes a lot more than a college degree to be a super earner, but with dedication, your hard work can pay off! What college majors do you consider to be top earners?

Top Image Source: graduatejobsouth.co.uk

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