7 Common Excuses to Avoid Financial Responsibility ...


If you want to fix your personal finances, there are common excuses to avoid. Regarding money, people always have excuses for their situation. Circumstances beyond our control do take place, and these can cause financial setbacks. However, if you want to move forward, you have to make decisions that are wise. Here are seven common excuses to avoid financial responsibility.

1. We Only Live Once

If you don't have a savings account and a bunch of debt, you may argue that we only live once -- this is one of many common excuses to avoid. The fact that most people only live 80 or 70 years isn't an excuse to make irresponsible financial decisions. You may not be able to avoid debt altogether, but you can limit the amount of credit card debt you acquire, and you can make an effort to increase your savings.

Bad Things Always Happen to Me
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