7 Consumer Trends We Can Expect in 2015 ...


What are the 2015 consumer trends we can expect? Each year sees new trends develop, and spending habits are changing all the time. This coming year will be no exception, as consumers take advantage of new technology and companies look for new ways to shape how we spend. These are some of the 2015 consumer trends on the way …

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Social Responsibility

One of the 2015 consumer trends to look out for is a growing social responsibility. With the growing backlash against tax-evading corporations and harmful business practices, the way is open for more socially responsible companies to develop. Consumers will be looking to spend with companies who care about more than just profits, so expect more companies to develop policies that respect the environment and workers in the supply change.


Sharing Economy

In spite of the crazy scenes on Black Friday and the huge amounts spent online over Christmas, consumers are increasingly turning against conspicuous consumption and considering more carefully what they actually need. Expect the sharing economy or peer-to-peer lending to develop more this year, which connects people who seek items or services with those who can offer them.


Mobile Payments

Payments made via your cellphone are expected to be big this year, with the introduction of new apps that will allow you to swipe your phone when you pay for your coffee or bus ticket. One writer even suggested that the wallet is 'heading for extinction' (theguardian.com). While cash probably won't disappear from use any time soon, it seems likely that people will increasingly turn to mobile payments for smaller purchases.


Personalised Marketing

We haven't yet reached the targeted advertising of Minority Report, but companies want us to think that they see us as individuals and not just consumers. With most markets being extremely crowded a brand needs to stand out. In 2015 we should see more brands using personalised marketing such as the 'Share a Coke' promotion that printed names on Coke bottles.


Interactive Marketing

Companies are going to increasingly create interactive marketing, rather than just have advertising that you simply look at. They will seek to engage the consumer in the marketing process in the same way that artists create interactive installations. Such advertising campaigns have already been used to promote movies, for example.


Human Touch

We so often complain that we're tired of dealing with faceless corporations who see us only as anonymous clients, so this year companies will be trying to give a 'human touch' to their products and services. Expect to see more products promoted with emotive and lively descriptions.


Changing Consumption Patterns

In 2015, patterns of consumption are changing. People will no longer be defined as they used to be by their age or other traditional demographics. Consumers of all ages are using and buying technology, and dressing as they please rather than according how their age group is supposed to dress. These changes will continue to occur and companies will react accordingly.

It's a fast-changing world, and consumers are changing with it. As a result, there will be many exciting developments in the world of shopping and marketing. Companies have to be creative and respond to these changes. What would you like to see happen in 2015 - do you think that our society should focus less on spending?

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"Dressing as they please"? Really? I think most people dress as their environment wants them to dress, at least in the Netherlands, they do.

The last point is scary, we're heading towards a unified society...

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