7 Cool Jobs for Beauty Junkies ...


7 Cool Jobs for Beauty Junkies ...
7 Cool Jobs for Beauty Junkies ...

When you’re a beauty junkie like me, it can seem pretty impossible to find a job you’re truly passionate about, so I’ve compiled a list of 7 cool jobs for beauty junkies to help you out. It can seem tough, but it’s not an unattainable dream. In fact when you use your passion to fuel you, it may be easier than you expected. So check out my list of 7 cool jobs for beauty junkies, and you may just find one with the spark you’ve been looking for.

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Makeup Artist

I’ll start the list of 7 cool jobs for beauty junkies with the most common option, and work my way down. If you love dolling yourself up, makeup artistry may be a great option. The best way to get a job in this field is to have a professional education and be licensed. However, most states don’t require you be licensed to work in a spa or salon (hello CT). Raise your hand if you think that’s just gross (mmhmm). One of the best parts of this job? You can turn it into your own business, controlling your hours, salary, and even working your way up to big name clients (just don’t forget me when you’re famous).


Beauty Sales

This is another common option, though I bet you’re not looking at how wide your variety is. Sure you’ve considered working at Sephora, MAC, or the cosmetics counter at Macy’s. But what about direct sales? There is SO much more out there than Mary Kay and Avon! What about Perfectly Posh or Arbonne? Direct sales allows you to be in control of your hours, salary, and how you conduct you work (ie. parties, online). Mary Kay is pretty cool though you can earn a new car (move over Macy’s).


Beauty Writer/Blogger

Hey, why do you think I’m here writing to you guys? Well, I love you kittens (and writing). But in all seriousness, I decided after a year of looking for desperation jobs (you know, the ones you look for just to have anything that isn’t lying on your parent’s couch all day), I wanted to find a career I was passionate about. I didn’t want to wait, and I don’t think you should either. Writing is a great way to put what you love out into the world. In some cases you can also think of it like a very public resume - you never know who’s going to see your work. Bonus points: it can be really rewarding to take what you’ve learned in your years and inspire others.


Product Tester

I think this may be every beauty junkie’s dream job. Getting paid to try out the beauty products and treatments you want but can’t afford? Come on, you know you know you’d love it! But it’s a hard one to get into unless you’re already working for Allure (or something similar). Trust me, I’ve spent the past year trying to convince the Me Smooth people I’m a perfect candidate. I must not be Kardashian enough (or something like that).


Beauty Educator

They say "those who can’t do, teach." But seeing as though makeup, skincare, and haircare tutorials require teaching through doing... they are wrong. So sure you could get a degree and teach at a school, but let’s make it a bit easier for you. Believe it or not, Michele Phan (as fabulous as she is) is not the only beauty star on YouTube. But Alyssa, how do I not get drowned out in an ocean of cosmetic seaweed, and beauty tutorial mermaids? Look for magazines (especially teen ones like Seventeen) that use suggested beauty tips from readers, and market yourself. If you are brave enough, and original, you will get noticed and open up fabulous paths.


Product Designer/ Namer

Ever look at your favorite nail polish and wonder "Who came up with this name?" Or sniff your favorite fragrance and wonder "Why does it smell like roses (or not like roses)? People are hired to do all these jobs! People like you, kittens! Believe it or not, beauty and skincare companies hire people to specifically name their products, or decide what’s going to be a big seller in their spring line. And that person could be you. Ah, I can see it now.


Own Your Own Company

You know, in case you don’t want to name someone else’s beauty products. And maybe you really just want to be a part of the creation process. I don’t blame you. I already love making my own beauty products how awesome would it be to turn all that work into something bigger? Believe it or not, Etsy has been a great place for small businesses to really hit it big. Or if you already work at a spa/ salon (or know someone who does), see if they’ll let you sell some of your products there. It never hurts to ask remember the worst they can say is no (but you know they won’t).

Always remember when your work is your passion, it’s not work. It’s even been proven that when you work at a job you love, you become happier, and healthier (I care kittens). Check out your favorite beauty sites, blogs, and magazines to see if they’re hiring, and don’t be afraid to email them questions (you never know what you’ll hear). So what would be your dream beauty job?

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