8 Coolest Jobs in the World ...


8 Coolest Jobs in the World ...
8 Coolest Jobs in the World ...

Cool Jobs do exist, even though you might not have one. I mean, I think I have the greatest job in the world, but I got a dose of occupational envy while reading up on some of the cool jobs various people around the world get to enjoy. Now, these are not prestigious jobs. They're not (necessarily) high paying jobs. You won't find any doctors, lawyers, presidents, or CEOs on this list, oh no. This is all about cool jobs – jobs that really exist, jobs that people really do, and man I wish I could trade places for a day!

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Ice Cream Developer

I love ice cream, so this had to make the list of cool jobs. Being able to develop different flavors, to taste test them, to get free ice cream for your troubles... However, I bet the people who do this for company's like Breyer's and Ben and Jerry's get hardily sick of ice cream after a while, don't you? Or maybe that's just wishful thinking...


Caretaker for an Island Paradise

Oh yes, there are people in the world who get to do this. You know all those fancy resorts that exist on their own private islands? They all have to have caretakers, and those lucky ducks really get to enjoy their free time. Some just get paid to swim, relax, and enjoy what the island has to offer, then write about it. While living rent free. In luxurious villas.


Honeymoon Tester

Honeymoon testers definitely have cool jobs. They get to travel all over the world for various tourism companies, writing and reviewing different honeymoon destinations. It's a hard job to get, but man, what a reward. With winter coming up, I might be feeling a little bitter...


Ambassador of Tourism

Being an ambassador of tourism is much the same thing, but even cooler. These lucky devils are kind of like a cross between island caretakers and honeymoon testers. A city, state, island, resort, or what have you, will hire them to promote tourism, so they naturally have to do all the fun things the tourists do.


Water Slide Tester

All those water parks and resorts had to have people test their water slides and other attractions. These are really cool jobs, and I'd love to do it, especially in the summertime. Of course, rather than checking up on things like speed, height, flume landing, and things like that, I'd probably just spend my time jumping to the front of the line and taunting people.


Wine Taster

Can you imagine being able to live in a vineyard, learn how different wines are made, and then make your living blogging about it? This really does happen! Look up Hardy Wallace on YouTube and go nuts. Seriously, you will go nuts wondering why you didn't jump on the opportunity first.


Professional Billboard

I'm the first to admit that being able to write for a living is awesome. But for all the cool jobs listed here, being able to just sit around and get paid is even better. There's at least one family who gets paid to wear tee shirts advertising different companies. In fact, they've made their own billboard and branding company. I wonder if there's room for two of those in the market...


Candy Taster

I like candy. Being able to just eat candy all day and get paid for discussing what works and what doesn't would be awesome. I mean, I'd even eat the full array of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans for a job like that, earwax, vomit, and all. What?

These are some ridiculously cool jobs, although in retrospect, I'm glad I'm never going to be a wine or candy taster, because my next job would have to be professional dieter or something. Still, even when you love what you do, fantasizing about these kinds of cool jobs is a lot of fun. Do you know any other really cool jobs that didn't make the list? And tell me what you think the coolest job in the world would be!

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Loving the fact you mentioned a Harry potter thing :) haha any idea where I can buy bertie botts every flavour beans in Australia?

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